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Matt Biggars

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Matt Biggars

Post by Cotton The Clown on September 2nd 2009, 1:07 pm

★ ★Wrestler Name★ ★
Matt Biggars

★ ★Nickname★ ★

★ ★Age★ ★

★ ★Hometown★ ★
Aurora, Illinois

★ ★Place of Residence★ ★
None really. Like the rest of the band he is a nomad.

★ ★Weight★ ★
245 lbs

★ ★Height★ ★

★ ★Favorite Specialty Match★ ★
Lion's Den Match

★ ★Entrance Music★ ★
"Here Comes The (Boom)" By Zombiehead ('Boom' by P.O.D.)

★ ★Alignment★ ★

★ ★Years Wrestling★ ★
Rookie. He was involved in prize fights for six years.

★ ★Quote★ ★
"I'm Satan with a six-string!"

★ ★Finisher★ ★
Six-String Symphony

★ ★Finisher Description★ ★
A fierce five punch combo followed by a Stunner.

★ ★Bio/Backround★ ★
met the members of Zombiehead at another fated battle of the bands.
Zombiehead suffered from a lack of a lead guitar player. Steak was the
bassist for Respyrator (a fat/death metal band) with dreams of being a
lead guitarist some day.

During the battle of the bands, a fight
broke out between Zombiehead and several other bands. Seizing a golden
opportunity, as was his way, Steak waded through the crowd to help
Zombiehead. Not that they needed it with all of their wrestling ability
but Steak saw this a good way to slide into the lead guitarist spot.

soon realized that Steak had mad potential as a fighter and as a
guitarist. As soon as the brawl ended, Facekid shook Steak's hand and
welcomed him aboard.

Steak had been a prize fighter for a few
years already. It was something to do between concerts. He jumped at
the opportunity to find a whole new group of people to hurt.

"Steak" Biggar is a dirty fighter and a down right dirty person. He
would gladly beat your grandmother up just to steal her cookies.
However, he is one hell of a guitar player.

Facekid formed the band
Zombiehead with the former bass player of The Wheatlez. They play
several different styles of the hardest, heaviest and fastest music on
Earth. Their songs may sound very familiar to you. But, where they
really shine is with horror music. They love to play the bloodiest,
most violent, and horrific music ever made.

Zombiehead loves
wrestling even more than they love music. And they love their music
more than life itself. Separate them, team them up, or pit them against
one another and they are happy. They just love the sport and don't care
about the drama.

★ ★Attire★ ★
when inside the ring, Steak will be barefoot and shirtless. All he
wears is a pair of trunks. Steak is covered with tattoos

★ ★Fighting style★ ★
Striker, Brawler, Dirty

★ ★Move List★ ★

1. Left Jab
2. Right Jab
3. Haymaker
4. Uppercut
5. Stomp
6. Knee-drop
7. Back elbow
8. Back-Body Suplex
9. Knee Smash
10. Brass Knuckle sneak
11. Power Chord (a powerful uppercut)
12. Low-Blow
13. Oil-Check (you don't want to know)
14. Oral Exam (mandible claw)
15. Chokeslam
16. Eye-Gouge
17. Face Rake
18. Brain Raper (Smearing stomp to the head, downed opponent)
19. Metal Up Your Ass (a knee strike to the posterior)
20. All manner of DDTs
21. Diamond Cutter
22. Stunner
23. Shoulder Block
24. Knee Tackle
25. Armbar

★ ★Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature★ ★

★ ★Career Accomplishments★ ★
Won several prize fights


28x Winner of the Cyrus Trophy 2.0

5x Winner of the Chuck LMFAO Medal

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Re: Matt Biggars

Post by Chuck Matthews on August 27th 2010, 3:49 pm

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