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Jamean Jaxon

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Jamean Jaxon

Post by Jamean Jaxon on June 6th 2009, 11:17 pm

* Wrestler Name:Jamean Jaxon

* Nickname:"The Kansas City King"

* Age:22

* Hometown:Kansas City. MO


* Weight:225 lbs

* Height:6'3"

* Favorite Specialty Match: ladder

* Entrance Music:"who you came to see" by Tech N9ne

* Alignment (face/heel):Face

* Years Wrestling:0

* Quote: Optional:"Where my people at?"

* Finisher:The KC Krack

* Finisher Description: superkick with a dance before it

* Bio/Backround: Growing up in KC, Jamean got involved with gangs at ayoung age. he was always athletically gifted. He decided to quit gang life at age 20 and pursue a career as a professional dancer. At dance practice a talent scout noticed him and encouraged him to be apro wrestler.

* Attire: wears baggy jeans with a pair of red and white Addidas shoes. He doesn't wear a shirt but wears two red forearm bands.

* Fighting style:high flyer

* Move List:

1.missile dropkick
3.snap suplex
5.arm draag
7.cross body
8.corkscrew moonsault
9.drop toe hold
12.hip toss
13.leg drop
15.roll up
16.russian leg sweep
17.standing moonsault
18.spin wheel kick
19.springboard moonsault
20.sringboard drop kick
21.swan dive
22.abdominal stretch
24.bow and arrow

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -R-truth

*Select which Show you want to participate on
Direct Hit

Career Accomplishments -none

Entrance Jamean Jaxon comes out holding up the KC sign on both
hands. he then proceeds to bust out a dance on the ramp. then he walks
up to the ring with a pimp walk. when in the ring he starts dancing
again until his opponent comes out.
Jamean Jaxon
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Re: Jamean Jaxon

Post by Carmine on June 7th 2009, 8:15 am

Welcome to DH

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