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Prescilla Samurai

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Prescilla Samurai

Post by Prescilla Samurai on May 30th 2009, 8:54 pm

* Wrestler Name: Prescilla Samurai

* Nickname:

* Age: 35

* Hometown: Athens, Georgia

* House (WHERE SHE LIVES): Anaheim, CA

* Weight: 125 pounds

* Height: 5'7 inches

* Favorite Specialty Match: submission

* Entrance Music: heartbreaker by pat benatar

* Alignment (face/heel): face

* Years Wrestling: 3

* Quote:

* Finisher: samurai stilleto

* Finisher Description: a roundhouse kick to the head.

* Bio/Backround: moved to anaheim california when she was a teenager, met mexican samurai and started to train with him in order to improve his skills.
became romantically involved after touring companies as a manger but split after rampant drug problems, now that samurai is on the straight and narrow, she is able to join him in the company so that he does not feel the need to retire.

* Attire: a blue singlet that is covered by a jiu-jitsu gi top.

* Fighting style: shotokan karate, judo, jiu-jitsu.

* Move List:

Force Face Claw

1. chop
2. slap
3. sidekick
4. dropkick
5. bodyslam
6. neckbreaker
7. thrust punch
8. backbody drop
9. moonsault
10. rear-naked choke
11. armbar
12. anaconda choke
13. stalling suplex
14. german suplex
15. tiger driver
16. hurricarana
17. cradle piledriver
18. vertebreaker
19. sit out powerbomb
20. flying legdrop
21. cross body
22. flying elbow
23. sharpshooter
24. gutwrench suplex
25. DDT

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -

Kristen Bell

Career Accomplishments - none

Entrance - "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar hits as Prescilla Samurai comes out to the roaring applause of the fans, she salutes at the top of the ramp as fireworks go off in the air. She runs to the ring and dives between the ropes. She does a traditional Karate bow on each side of the ring as she gets ready for competition.

Prescilla Samurai
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