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Talia Styles

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Talia Styles

Post by Talia.STYLES on May 22nd 2009, 2:23 pm

* Wrestler Name:Talia Styles

* Nickname:Talia

* Age:19

* Hometown:Michigan

* House (WHERE SHE LIVES):Michigan

* Weight:130

* Height:5'7"

* Favorite Specialty Match:Street Fight's

* Entrance Music:She's a Rebel-Green Day

* Alignment (face/heel):Heel

* Years Wrestling:1

* Quote: Optional:"Know your Enemy" You think i'm bad then you should meet my brother"

* Finisher:Long Kiss goodnight-Reverse roundhouse kick

* Finisher Description:Mickie James move.

* Bio/Backround:Is the sister of AJ styles

* Attire:Like what velvet sky wears

* Fighting style:Fighter

* Move List:
MaTaliaReloaded/Handstand swinging Headscissors
Thesz Press
Backhand Chop(Sometimes preceded by licking the palm of her hand)
Hurricanrana,Sometimes to an oncoming opponent)
Spinning wheel kick
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
45 Special(Indian deathlock surfboard)
Devil Lock(Arm trap cloverleaf)
Swinging Snap DDT
GR Kiss-Snap DDT
Faith breaker-Belly to back inverted slam
Cobra clutch legsweep
MAD"T-Heel Hook
Welcome 2 Michigan,Motherfucker(Double underhook backbreaker)
Leg swing snap DDT

Picture Base for Wrestler Box and Signature -

*Select which Show you want to participate on
Direct Hit or Legacy

Career Accomplishments -Former tag team champion

Entrance -Talia's music plays she walks out on stage spins around then skips down the ramp, then jumps ont he ring and enters taking a bow in the center of the ring.
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